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McDonough Leadership Conference

Conference Theme:
"Leadership as Social Responsibility"
April 1-2, 2016
Conference Chair: Emily Drabeck (McD Cohort 27)
To see the conference's program, please click HERE.
Nobel Prize winning writer George Bernard Shaw effectively expressed the values of socially responsible leadership when he famously stated: “I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.” Leadership as social responsibility involves making choices that are ethical, thoughtful, and focused on the greater good rather than on convenience, personal gain, popularity, or expediency. Socially responsible leadership is often complex, requiring leaders to balance their dedication to a goal, to their followers, to the community as a whole, and to their own values and principles. Truly effective socially responsible leadership requires that leaders also fully consider the implications of their actions in various contexts – such as social, cultural, environmental, and economic – and that they are willing to struggle honestly and openly with conflicting values and difficult choices.

It was in the spirit of intellectual exploration, scholarship, self-reflection and personal leadership development that the McDonough Leadership Center hosted a successful McDonough Leadership Conference. Through the generous support of corporate sponsors, the conference was offered free of charge.

2016 Corporate Sponsors:
LEAD Sponsors: The Scott Theodore Leadership Conference Endowment, World Pac Paper, McDonough Corporation, Bank of America.
KEY Sponsors: Eagle Manufacturing, Alliance Industries
Sponsor: Stonebridge Oildfield Services, J. Luce Foundation.

Get Ready for the 2017 McDonough Leadership Conference!
Conference Theme: "Leadership Through Time" (March 31-April 1, 2017)
Conference Chair: Taryn Hicks (McD Cohort 28)
The Call for Proposals will be posted on this page on May 1, 2017
Conference Accommodations:

All conference events take place on the Marietta College campus in Marietta, Ohio. For hotel reservations, we suggest the following possibilities:
Walking Distance from Campus:
The Hackett Hotel
203 1/2 Second Street
Marietta, OH 45750
Phone: 740-374-8278
Short Drive from Campus:
Hampton Inn
508 Pike Street
Marietta, OH 45750
Phone: 740-373-5353
Comfort Suites Marietta
202 Cherry Tree Lane
Marietta, OH 45750
Phone: 740-376-1600
Fairfield Inn & Suites
200 Cherry Tree Lane
Marietta, OH 45750
Phone: 740-374-3000
Additional Information (driving directions, arrival by air, local attractions, etc.)
PARKING: Wondering where to park during the conference? Click HERE.

Please contact Dr. Gama Perruci (, Christy Hockenberry ( or call 740-376-4760.

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