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Organizational Social Responsibility Program


We are pleased to announce the launching of a new academic initiative at Marietta College. A broadly interdisciplinary task force developed this new program, and the Faculty’s Curriculum Committee approved it for initial offering starting during the 2016-2017 academic year. This new program, which offers a minor and a certificate in “Organizational Social Responsibility” (OSR), was developed in response to a dramatic increase in interest in recent years on this issue in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. The new OSR Minor and Certificate were developed within MC’s collaborative Liberal Arts environment and is open to ALL MC Students – no separate application required. This program will add great value to a number of undergraduate degrees, thus enhancing students’ career prospects.
Educational Objectives:
The OSR Minor/Certificate will supplement other Marietta College majors and prepare students for entry-level positions in public service, government organizations, and/or corporations for promoting and assessing social responsibility within those establishments. 
The general objective of the OSR Program is to provide students with the basis to be able to understand:

1. Environmental, ethical, legal, educational, and/or cultural factors that contribute to sustainable economic and social development.
2. Issues of cultural sensitivity and general awareness of organizations’ relations with local, regional, and global communities.
3. Techniques used to assess community needs and measure the impact of specific organizational social responsibility efforts to satisfy those needs.
Course Requirements:
To learn more about the specific course requirements for the OSR Minor and OSR Certificate, please click HERE.

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