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Workshops, trainings, and conferences are all great ways to discover new ideas, learn new best practices, and network with individuals doing similar work.  But we have heard similar feedback time and again from people who have participated in our own conferences and workshops: “That was great, but now what?”  “I don’t even know where to start…”  “We just don’t have time right now to devote to something like this.”  “We’re so busy running the programs, we simply can’t focus on [fundraising, marketing, volunteer management, etc.].”
The Nonprofit Accelerator works intensively and intentionally with a small group of nonprofit organizations ranging in size from all-volunteer to a multimillion dollar budget that want to strengthen their organization and make time to focus on capacity building.  Because building capacity builds stronger programs with more successful outcomes to meet an organization’s mission.
The Nonprofit Accelerator is an in-depth program open to 501(c)(3) programs in the Mid-Ohio Valley that are looking to strengthen their internal structure and processes.  Organizations that successfully complete the program are able to increase and diversify their funding and/or strengthen their overall volunteer management.
Organizations accepted into the program identify a team of 2-4 people, usually including the Executive Director, board member(s), and leadership staff.  Each organization’s team joins with the teams from up to five other organizations to complete 72 hours of customized training over a nine-month period.  The organizations also receive one-on-one support and attention from our staff, as well as local consultants and professionals.
The Nonprofit Accelerator is a unique program because it helps organization teams identify one specific goal.  The program then provides the tools and structure to develop a workplan to ensure that the team can meet that goal through the program.  We also bring in consultants and professionals who offer training and workshops needed by the organizations to successfully meet their goal.  And, because the organization teams work together with teams from other organizations, the program also creates a support network and allows the teams and organizations to learn from one and other throughout the program.  Trainings offered differ, as they are customized to the organizations participating in the program at the time and the goal identified by each organization.  Trainings may include:
·       Setting and Achieving SMART Goals
·       Fundraising, Donor Development, and Diversifying
·       Grant Writing: Finding, Relationship Building, Writing, Re-Writing, and Administering Grants
·       Using Marketing to Strengthen Your Organization and Meet Your Goals
·       Social Media and Increasing Your Online Presence for Volunteers, Donors, and Clients
·       Developing and Implementing a Volunteer Management Process
·       Creating Sponsorships: Why Corporations Do and Do Not Partner with Nonprofits
·       Board Development
Testimonials about the Nonprofit Accelerator Program:
[T]he Nonprofit Accelerator has assisted the Circles Campaign to focus on "what's the most important thing for our organization, and how do we accomplish that?" Starting from the basics of setting a goal, and then building objectives and action steps has allowed us to look at our organization from a fresh perspective.  –Circles of the Mid-Ohio Valley
SW Resources has already had met our first goal of hiring a supervisor for our Marble Tree Division. This will help us to achieve our larger goal of expanding this division’s product line so that we can break even.  SW Resources has [also] been able to make important networking connections that not only improves our Marble Tree Division and possible marketing options for the division, but also we have made connections that have resulted in the immediate employment of 5 new client employees this week. – SW Resources
[We’ve] developed a strong systematic plan to acquire new donors and engage our Board of Directors. With the collaboration between the organizations, we have partnered with one of the groups to present an evening of arts and music. This is a great program and we are privileged to be part of it. –Artsbridge
Our Board of Directors and staff have talked about developing a fundraising event for well over two years but it never went any further than a discussion.  Now, we have a timeline in place and a clear vision of the steps that will be required to implement a successful event.  –Consumer Credit Counseling Services of the Mid-Ohio Valley
For more information, contact or call 740-376-4559.

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