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Executive Director Learning Group

A nonprofit executive director (ED) can be a unique position.  Nonprofit EDs often come from a myriad of professional experiences and academic tracks.  Rarely do we find a nonprofit ED who specifically went to school to run a nonprofit organization.  Grantwriting, fundraising, board development and relationships, and volunteer management are unique issues related to the nonprofit sector, and many new nonprofit EDs come into their position having experience with all, if any, of these issues.
The Executive Director Learning Group was started to provide a space for nonprofit Executive Directors to come together, share ideas, gain knowledge, and support one another.  It is also a space to network and explore collaboration and resource sharing.
In 2016, the Executive Director Learning Group became a certificate-bearing program centered-around a curriculum.  By introducing a book and developing a six-part series of workshops that engage participant, the Group has developed into more than the typical tongue-in-check “ED Support Group.”  The program now provides EDs an opportunity to come together once a month for six month to explore new ideas, lead and learn from one and other, and actively develop leadership skills.
The program is based on the book Innovative Leadership Workbook for Nonprofit Executives.  The book, and the program, also offer opportunities to track, test, and change personal leadership skills both within the workshops as well as between them. To learn more about the program, click HERE.
The Executive Director Learning Group meets monthly from January through June.  For more information concerning the Group or to learn how you can get involved in the Executive Director Learning Group, contact

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