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Past EIR Projects

2016-2017 EIR Project: “Beyond Altruism: The Economic, Social and Civic Impact of Nonprofit Organizations on the Mid-Ohio Valley.”

Executive-in-Residence: Pat Willis ’70, Founder and Executive Director (Retired), Voices for Georgia’s Children, a statewide organization that provides research, communication, and advocacy for issues related to children and families.
Project Description: The goal of the 2016-2017 Fitzgerald Executive-in-Residence Project is to increase students’ understanding of the diverse contributions of the nonprofit sector in the community and their own potential for leadership in the sector regardless of their career paths.  The EIR will guide students in assessing the impact of the nonprofit sector on the Mid-Ohio Valley and/or selected counties in the Marietta College service area, using national databases, local resources, and direct outreach to the community.  The assessment will be used to educate local leaders and to create tools for their use in the community that will strengthen the visibility, stability and contributions of nonprofits to the vitality of the region. The core deliverables will include a written narrative report, a PowerPoint presentation targeted to business, government, and nonprofit leaders, and 1-3 infographs that provide compelling visuals of the value of the local nonprofit sector. The EIR project participants will share these deliverables with a national audience during the 2017 McDonough Leadership Conference at Marietta College.
EIR Background: Willis, who chaired the Marietta College Board of Trustees from 2004-08 (serving a total of 12 years), has the right experience for this project. She retired in 2015 as the founding executive director of Voices for Georgia’s Children. During her 12-year tenure, Voices helped to deepen the state’s commitment to early childhood development, reform the Juvenile Code, and expand access to quality health services for children. Prior to launching Voices in 2003, Willis spent 20 years at BellSouth Corp. She was the first executive director of the BellSouth Foundation, an endowed trust devoted to improving education in the southeastern United States and in Latin America. Programs of educational leadership and regional collaboration initiated by the Foundation continue to operate and have impact in 2015. Willis spent the first seven years of her career in the Research and Evaluation Division of Atlanta Public Schools and also served as a political campaign consultant in Atlanta in the late 1970s.
To learn more about Willis' EIR Project, please click HERE.

2015-2016 EIR Project: “Drone Technology and the Supply Chain Industry”

Executive-in-Residence: Gerard ElChaar is a semi-retired executive, having most recently worked for Coldwater Creek Inc., as Senior Vice President of Operations, Call Centers, and President of Outlet Stores and Spa. ElChaar relocated to the Mid-Ohio Valley 14 years ago after a two-year assignment in London, where he was a managing director for eToys. Before that, he was employed with in Seattle, Washington (during start-up), Time Inc., Berwick Industries and Masland Industries.
EIR Project Description: During the 2015-2016 academic year, three groups of 2-4 students each will be asked to choose and explore the potential and impact of drones on the transportation industry in terms of three areas: engineering (technological feasibility), law (legal hurdles and public policy issues), and business (potential impact on retail industry). The three groups will work with an executive team at FedEx Ground in Pittsburgh in order to get first-hand experience with the complexities of the system. Students will evaluate the possibility of using drone technology and the impact it would have on current methods of delivery. Students will consider how drone technology may have the potential of revolutionizing the package-delivery system.
Please click HERE to access the full 2015-2016 EIR Project description, including Project Plan.

2014-2015 Project: "“Life in a Changing World” -- how business, leadership or everyday life will be different 20-25 years from now.

Executive-in-Residence: Michael Milone, Executive Vice President (Retired), Rest of World, Enterprise Risk Management & Global Infant/Nutrition, H.J. Heinz Company.
EIR Background: Mr. Milone retired in 2012 from Heinz following 32 years of service. At the time of his retirement, he was responsible for Rest of World, Global Enterprise Risk Management, Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability, Quality and Infant/Nutrition. As Heinz Chairman, President and CEO, William R. Johnson, said in a March 28, 2012, press release announcing Milone’s retirement, “Under his strong leadership, Rest of World and Global Infant/Nutrition have become key growth engines for Heinz. Mike has been an outstanding leader for Heinz for over three decades and was a key contributor to our recent acquisition of Quero, our first major business in Brazil. Mike has skillfully led the growth of our business in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.” Milone holds a B.A. degree from Colgate University and an M.B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Graduate Division.
Please click HERE to access the 2014-2015 EIR Project description.

Click HERE to watch the Time Capsule Ceremony report.
2011-2012 Project: "Focus on Employee Satisfaction in the Workplace"

Executive-in-Residence: Dale Wartluft ’63, Retired Senior Executive and Member of Marietta College’s Board of Trustees
Project Description: Wartluft led two teams of students in a study focused on employee satisfaction in the workplace. The teams gained knowledge and insight into the subject matter through research assignments, content presentations, hands-on business analysis for one to two local companies, development and execution of employee satisfaction surveys for those companies, analysis of survey feedback and preparation of a survey report and recommended action plans to be presented to the company management teams for implementation consideration.
EIR Background: After graduating from Marietta, Wartluft’s career path included 20 years at the IBM Corp. and 15 years with Ernst & Young Consulting and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Consulting. In these companies, he held numerous technical, sales & marketing, and managerial positions, ultimately leading to the position of Managing Partner and CEO of the Americas. During his executive career, he gained extensive experience in managing people. Both IBM and Ernst & Young have been renowned for the quality of their people management programs resulting in high levels of employee satisfaction. In fact, Ernst & Young has been listed in Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" for the past 12 consecutive years.
2009-2010 Project: "Leadership and Entrepreneurship"

Executive-in-Residence: Timothy Cooper, Former Owner, Smoky Mountain Trains LLC (pictured above with the project participants; front row, second from the left)
Project Description: Co-taught a course (LEAD 307) with Prof. Ed Osborne (front row, second from the right) from the Business and Economics Department. They focused not only on how to start a business, but also on how to grow and sustain a business. Rene Nikolopoulos ’12, a human resource management major, took the course hoping to enhance her leadership skills: “I really enjoyed this class. I’ve never been too interested in starting or running my own business, but I believe I now have the knowledge to do it and do it well.”
EIR Background: Cooper retired in 2000 from Arthur Andersen and was the former owner of Smoky Mountain Trains LLC, which he sold in 2006. Osborne also worked at the firm as a senior auditor from 1965-71, and then taught in the Department of Business & Economics for nearly four decades. He retired in 2008.
2008-2009 Project: "The Future of Energy"

Executive-in-Residence: Kevin Henning '69, Retired Senior Vice President of Supply and Transportation, Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC (pictured above)
Project Description: The world faces many challenges not the least of which is how will our energy needs be met, both near term and long term, without severely impacting the environment. The purpose of this project was to investigate the alternatives, examine the factors that influence our energy choices and understand the views of both lay people and experts. The goal was to develop a forecast of an optimum energy outcome and identify the actions that must be taken to realize the best possible future for the planet. Three teams worked on different aspects of the issue. One team studied the technical aspects of each energy source. The second team looked at the social, psychological and political issues that affect our energy choices. The third team provided the overall coordination and administration of the project and most importantly conducted an in-depth survey of both lay people and experts. The survey supported all other aspects of the project as the team learned what people believe compared to what the experts think.
EIR Background: Henning earned a B. S. in Petroleum Engineering from Marietta College in 1969. He and his wife Sandy served in the Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) program until he joined Marathon Oil Company in 1970. Kevin completed the Harvard Business School Program for Management Development in 1981. He is an Emeritus Trustee of Marietta College and was Vice Chair of the Board, Chair of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Marietta College Capital Campaign completed in 2003. He worked at Marathon Oil Company and held various positions including: Internal Control Audit Manager, Vice President Domestic Production, Vice President International Production and Vice President Supply and Transportation. He completed a 30-year career with Marathon and was Senior Vice President of Supply and Transportation, Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC, when he retired in 2000.
2007-2008 Project: "Customer Satisfaction"

Executive-in-Residence: Barbara Fitzgerald '73, Retired Senior Vice President of Store Operations for PetSmart
Project Description: Fitzgerald assisted McDonough’s faculty and students in the development and implementation of two related projects: Customer Service Workshop and Consulting with a Local Business. Fitzgerald and the McDonough faculty recruited a group of students to develop a Customer Service Workshop, which was offered to local businesses. A second team provided consulting services to a local retail-oriented business interested in establishing a customer-focused strategy. Fitzgerald made two visits to campus in the fall semester: one to meet potential participants in the projects and another to meet the teams after they had been established. The second visit also was used to identify the local retail-oriented business that was involved in the consulting project. During the spring semester, the teams worked closely with Fitzgerald during the early part of the semester. Team 1 designed the workshop and recruited local businesses to participate in this event. Team 2 worked with a local business to establish a customer-focused strategy. Toward the end of the semester, Fitzgerald returned to campus and helped the two teams implement their projects.
EIR Background: Fitzgerald's professional career began as a management trainee for Sears, Roebuck and Co. in New Jersey. She spent 24 years with Sears in numerous store operations positions (including store general manger and district general manager), home improvement store support positions and strategic planning. Her last assignment was vice president and general manager for Sears Freestanding Hardware Stores, an off the mall chain she grew to 150 stores in three years. She left Sears in 1997 and joined Toys "R" Us as vice president and general manager for New York and New Jersey, the company's largest market with annual sales of $1 billion. Fitzgerald was promoted to vice president of people development and led the company-wide initiative (This Magic Moment) designed to transform Toys "R" Us into a customer-focused organization. In early 2000, Fitzgerald was named president of Harmon AutoGlass, then the nation's second largest installer of replacement windshields. She joined PetSmart at the end of that year as senior vice president of store operations. In that position she has led the strategic focus on customer service, launching a company-wide service initiative-PetSmart Unleashed. She also serves as a board member of PetSmart Charities. Fitzgerald, who is on the Marietta College Board of Trustees, has two passions in life – great customer service and pets. Lucky for her, she's found a way to combine the two into a very successful career as the Senior Vice President of Store Operations for PetSmart.
2006-2007 Project: "Developing a Marketing Communications Strategic Plan"

Executive-in-Residence: Robert Peterson '76, President of the Wickaboag Consulting Group
Project Description: Peterson led an experiential project involving competing teams that selected local companies, studied them, developed a marketing communications strategic plan, and produced a communication program. The participating students were divided into groups to begin preliminary work assigned by Peterson. During his two-week stay in the fall, Peterson provided leadership to the teams. In the spring semester, a faculty panel led by Peterson chose the winners of the competition.
EIR Background: Peterson is a 1976 graduate of Marietta College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media. His consulting activities are scattered across Europe, Japan and North America. He is currently working with Toyota Motor Corporation, Dentsu Inc., Ishida Taiseisha Co. (ITP) and Automotive Marketing Consultants (AMCI). Peterson began his professional career as a sales representative in Procter & Gamble's Paper Products Division in New York City. He moved to the advertising business and worked on a number of oral care, hair care and household cleaning national brands at leading New York advertising agencies prior to joining Saatchi & Saatchi New York in 1981. During his tenure at Saatchi, Peterson lived in Tokyo (‘82-‘88 & ‘91-‘94), Los Angeles (‘89-‘90) and Brussels (‘95-‘98). Peterson has also lived in Manila, Philippines, and Mexico City, Mexico, as a consequence of his father’s career with General Electric. Peterson considers himself a global nomad and has visited more than 40 countries on client projects during his business career. “My mind has no borders and I am comfortable working anywhere with anyone as I adapt to new cultures and working situations easily, in fact I thrive on it,” Peterson said. Peterson and his wife, Yumi, have two sons, Robert and Andrew. Their current home base is in Japan. They also maintain a home on Lake Wickaboag in West Brookfield, Mass. Peterson runs his consulting activities from his homes and is in a state of perpetual motion.
2004-2005 Project: "Course on Leadership and International Business"

Executive-in-Residence: Henry Jelinek, Jr., President and CEO of Jelinek Cork Group (Ontario, Canada)
Project Description: Jelinek spent the months of September and October 2004 on campus. Aside from conducting presentations to the campus community, he also team taught a course (LEAD 307 - Leadership Dialogues) with Dean Gama Perruci. The course focused on international business leadership issues and covered four major units: Development of a Historical Perspective; Attention to Details; Recognizing and Anticipating Change; and Relationship between Context and Leadership Styles. The Jelinek Cork Group has a rich tradition in the cork business. The family-owned company was originally founded in Europe in 1855, and today it supplies cork products throughout the world. “I'm a big believer in the internationalism of Marietta College because I'm a believer in the global village,” Jelinek was quoted in a recent issue of the Navy Blue & White magazine. “The way things are today, I communicate strictly by e-mail with the Czech Republic or Portugal or Spain- the world has become a global village.”
EIR Background: Jelinek graduated from Marietta College with a bachelor's degree in 1968 and married Cathy Hackett – also a graduate of MC (1969). He received a Master of Arts in social psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York City in 1970. The Jelinek's daughter, Karina, is a graduate of the McDonough Leadership Program (1996). Cathy Jelinek, who has over three decades of experience in secondary-school education in Canada, accompanied her husband during his stay at the McDonough Center. She served as a resource in the Center's "teacher as leader" partnership with the College's Education Department.

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