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EXCEL 2014

The 2014 EXCEL (Experience Civic Engagement and Leadership) Workshop welcomed Cohort 28 (80 new students) to McDonough on Sunday, August 17! Upper-class leadership students (pictured above) organized and led this event on campus - always held during the week before fall classes begin.

The EXCEL Workshop is a five-day leadership development experience that serves as the main introduction to the McDonough Leadership Program at Marietta College. Since 1987, when the first group of McDonough Scholars (Cohort 1) participated in this annual orientation event, the Center has offered the new leadership students an opportunity to interact with upper-class students, faculty and staff in preparation for the beginning of the new academic year.



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The EXCEL Workshop Mission Statement:

The EXCEL Workshop exists to launch students into new lives as McDonough Scholars, Pioneers and community leaders.  Immersed in opportunities that combine the study and practice of leadership, students are challenged to break boundaries, invest in service and collaborate within a team. As a result of the Workshop, students will be both empowered and supported to pursue avenues of success and leadership, beginning with the time spent at Marietta College.


The Goals of the 2014 EXCEL Workshop:

· To build a strong camaraderie among the scholars of Cohort 28.

· To establish mentoring relationships with EXCEL Leaders who help guide students.

· To inspire students to act in ways which promote the wellbeing of their community.

· To introduce students to the study and application of leadership, through fun and impactful activities.


Forms to Bring for the Workshop:

The following three forms must be printed, completed, and brought with you to the EXCEL registration table on Sunday, August 17th:

1. Photo & Press Release Form

2. Challenge Course (Liability Agreement)

3. Challenge Course (Medical Form)


The 2014 EXCEL Team:


2014 EXCEL Workshop Coordinator (pictured above, left): Jenna Skoglund '15 (Westerville, OH; Middle Childhood Education major, History minor, with a Reading Endorsement and Teacher Leadership Certificate)

To read Jenna's welcome letter, please CLICK HERE.


2014 EXCEL Workshop Assistant Coordinator (pictured above, right): Gene Neill '16 (Vincent, OH; Human Resources and Organizational Communication/Public Relations double major, Leadership minor )


2014 EXCEL Workshop Faculty Adviser: Dr. Tanya Judd Pucella (Associate Professor of Education and Leadership Studies)


Workshop Schedule:


Sunday, August 17 - Beginning the Adventure

The Point of Today:The first day of the Workshop provides opportunities for students to begin to build positive and encouraging relationships among Cohort 28.


-Familiarize incoming scholars with the McDonough Center, creating understanding and awareness of the program’s philosophy, values, expectations and the structure/purpose of EXCEL.

-Establish a welcoming and encouraging environment.

-Build a sense of initial community among the new students, EXCEL leaders and McDonough faculty and staff.


Monday, August 18 - Discovering Support

The Point of Today: During the second day of the Workshop, students experience the power of support and team-building in the context of an outdoor high and low ropes challenge course.


-Discover the importance of receiving and giving support.
-Develop creative problem-solving and team-building skills.
-Evaluate group interactions and personal contributions to a team.


Tuesday, August 19 - Investing in Public Service


The Point of Today: Civic engagement becomes the focus for the third day of the Workshop, as the students participate in service activities and learn about challenges facing the local community as well as the world.


-Prepare for future service-learning experience through connecting with community members and non-profit leaders.
-Consider the challenges facing our local, national and global communities.
-Highlight the importance and implications of becoming civically engaged.


Wednesday, August 20 - Breaking Boundaries


The Point of Today: Activities on the fourth day of the Workshop emphasize the similarities and differences that exist within a community and the necessity of breaking boundaries in order to work successfully and ethically.


-Develop an awareness of the importance of inclusion for all members of a group.
-Recognize the individual similarities and differences that exist within a community and explore the negative effects of stereotypes.
-Learn tools for working and communicating effectively in teams.


Thursday, August 21 - Becoming a McDonough Scholar

The Point of Today: The final day of the Workshop is a celebration of the week’s accomplishments and the beginning of the academic journey of the McDonough scholars, represented in the student leadership discussions involving the analysis of national leaders and leadership texts.


-Analyze and evaluate leaders, utilizing leadership texts, in an academic and classroom setting.
-Practice the democratic art of deliberation and decision-making.
-Celebrate the week’s accomplishments!

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