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Sarah Long ('93)

Sarah Long ('93)

1. Basic Information:

Name: Sarah Hurt Long
Title: Deputy Treasurer for the West Virginia State Treasurer
Location: Charleston, West Virginia , U.S.A.

2. Educational Record:

At Marietta College:
Graduation Year: 1993
Major(s): Accounting and Management
Certificate: Leadership Studies
Became a CPA within a year of graduation

3. Describe your organization and what you do in this organization (job responsibilities, recent projects, work environment).

As Deputy Treasurer for State Treasurer John Perdue, I oversee the disbursement of over $13 billion dollars a year and supervise 50 people. I have focused on bringing revenue into the state system quicker via electronic funds transfer, lockbox and the use of credit cards, in order to speed deposit times, which in turn maximizes taxpayer dollars. We are one of only a few states providing a backbone for credit card transactions and who have their own in-house lockbox operation. A recent initiative has been to upgrade the state's lockbox machinery in order to send an imaged cash letter to the federal reserve, which will result in even faster deposit times and save the state thousands of dollars each year.

4. Briefly discuss how "leadership" plays a role in your professional field.

Leadership definitely plays a role in my career and professional field. There are constantly choices that need to be made where good leadership skills are a valuable asset.

5. Briefly discuss how the McDonough Leadership Program prepared you for this professional field and leadership challenges.

I remember my professors preaching that it is not enough to maintain the status quo and "manage" but to encourage real and meaningful change in an organization. As I grow in my career, I realize the value of risk taking that was discussed so much in class.

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