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Melissa Huff ('05)

Melissa Huff ('05)

1. Basic Information:

Name: Melissa (Yusko) Huff
Title: Senior Auditor
Organization: Ernst & Young
City: Columbus State: OH Country: U.S.A

2. Educational Record:

At Marietta College:
Graduation Year: 2005
Major(s): Public Accounting
Minor(s): Leadership Studies
Certificate(s): N/A

Honors/Awards: Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Pi Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Kappa Delta, McCoy Scholarship, Jewett Oration Prize Speaker, Summa Cum Laude

Degrees after Marietta College:
Area of Study: Masters in Accounting (MAcc)
College/University: The Ohio State University
Graduation Year: 2006
Honors/Awards: University Fellowship

3. Describe your organization and what you do in this organization (job responsibilities, recent projects, work environment).

Ernst & Young (EY) is a global leader in professional services, and included as one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the U.S. The firm has over 700 locations worldwide with approximately 130,000 people in 140 countries.

I work in the Advisory Services division, which specializes in assisting companies deal with risk and compliance issues. My typical responsibilities include client interactions through interviews and meetings to complete audit testing for various business cycles. Once I have gathered my information, I write up my findings in reports to deliver to management. Often, I work with management to correct any problems that I uncover, and in turn improve business procedures.

4. Briefly discuss how "leadership" plays a role in your professional field.

Teamwork is key at EY. At every client engagement, there is a team that will work on the client’s projects. Within that team, leadership responsibilities will move to various individuals as they lead subprojects to complete the client’s request. Since one minute I am a follower and the next I am a team leader, I need to be flexible in my abilities to work with the team to accomplish our goals. Moreover, we work closely with the client and will assume both roles: work under the Directors or chief executives to complete the engagement and also lead audits, interviews, and discussions with other client personnel.

5. Briefly discuss how the McDonough Leadership Program prepared you for this professional field and leadership challenges.

Interaction with various individuals, at many different levels of experience and rank, requires me to be cognizant of how leaders and followers cooperate. McDonough covers a breadth of leadership styles and discusses how each can be applied in everyday life. This exposure has allowed me to put these styles in action as I collaborate with numerous individuals on a daily basis. Each person brings a unique style to the table, and knowing how to balance each to work towards a common goal is imperative. Without McDonough’s classes and simulations, learning the how to interact with all types of individuals on the job would have taken significantly longer. Instead, I was able to hit the ground running, so to speak, and am prepared to interact with whomever I meet.

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