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Megan Staley ('99)

Megan Staley ('99)

1. Title and organization

Manager, Portfolio Management
GDF SUEZ, Global Gas and LNG Branch

I joined SUEZ LNG North America’s Boston office in 2004, and in 2008 transferred to the SUEZ Global LNG group in London, UK. As a result of the SUEZ and Gaz de France merger in summer 2008, I relocated to Paris, France, in January 2009.

2. Briefly discuss your educational record (major, minor, certificate at MC; graduate work)

B.A., Marietta College, 1999
Major: International Business Management (language : French)
Minors: History ; Leadership

MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Management, 2004
Focus: Supply Chain Management and Finance ; language : French

3. Describe your organization and what you do in this organization (job responsibilities, recent projects, work environment)

The LNG Division (liquid natural gas) is the center of knowledge in the GDF SUEZ Group with respect to the LNG business, including liquefaction, trading, supply and shipping. It provides coordination and development services for long-term LNG activities within the Company. Specific activities include:

  • Negotiating GDF SUEZ’s short and mid-term LNG trading activities throughout the world;
  • Developing and maintaining the GDF SUEZ group’s fleet of LNG carriers;
  • Managing the LNG supply chain from liquefaction to delivery at the discharge port; and,
  • Implementing commercial strategy and procedure to optimise gross margin and minimise physical risk

As Manager, Portfolio Management, I am responsible for the analysis, measurement and optimisation of gross margin economics in the physical LNG portfolio. I interact with the all the teams in the LNG Division, but most frequently with my colleagues in Logistics, Trading, and Shipping. Also, I am responsible for managing commodity and currency exposure in GDF SUEZ’s LNG business. This means I interact with people in other groups of the Company including Supply, Back Office, Traders, Risk and Finance.

In the GDF SUEZ LNG division, the work environment is very lean – there are not many layers in the organization. Employees are given freedom and the responsibility that comes with it. In many cases, one has to be comfortable working without defined boundaries and directives. We are expected to speak up, identify new opportunities, and take responsibility for our decisions.

4. Briefly discuss how "leadership" plays a role in your professional field

Due to the type of work environment in LNG at GDF SUEZ, leadership plays a large role in my career. I am expected to take initiative on work projects with no directives from my supervisor. I am expected to know the company’s portfolio and the global LNG industry, and act in the Company’s best interest.

Some of the work we do is in teams, so I have to know how to be a leader and a follower – knowing when to speak up and when to stay silent, and knowing how to express ideas is important. Managing projects does not always mean “leading down” but it often can mean “managing up” and sideways. Also, a part of my work is self-generated and done independently from the group, requiring self-leadership.

At the end of the day, however, in this industry you could have the most charisma, the best speaking skills, a dynamic personality, and good looks to match, but if your calculations and data are not accurate or well presented, you will not get far. If you have the analytic skills combined with the ability to lead, there are no limits.

5. Briefly discuss how the McDonough Leadership Program prepared you for this professional field and leadership challenges.

The McDonough Program, and Marietta College, prepared me for this field and its leadership challenges by giving me the opportunities to work in different types of teams – interdisciplinary, gender, age, socio-economic, etc. These diverse environments evident in the McDonough programs, and the larger Marietta College and city communities, helped me develop my skills in working in multi-cultural environments. This couldn’t be more helpful to me as I am now working in Paris!

The elective courses that are part of the Leadership minor, being interdisciplinary in nature, showed me how leadership can manifest itself in different fields – from history, to business, to ethics, to science. While specific technical and industry knowledge comes from other areas of study, the McDonough Program helped me tie together the themes and challenges within these industries, forcing me to look at the “big picture.”

The McDonough Center for Leadership and Business not only prepared me for leadership challenges in my professional field, but it also prepared me for life outside work. “Giving back the gift” was the theme when I was at MC, which I continue to follow today. From volunteering at a local university in Boston, being on the finance committee at my church, to leading an executive management meeting, I feel comfortable stepping in and taking responsibility.

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