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The Teacher Leadership Certificate (TLC)

Traditionally the idea of leadership in a school setting has been associated with the school administrative team, headed by the principal. The majority of Educational Leadership programs in the United States are training grounds for future administrators. Beginning in the 1990s, a new field of study has emerged - "teacher leadership." Practitioners and scholars alike now realize that in order for positive change to occur in schools, teachers need to be empowered as leaders. "Teacher leaders" do not need to leave the classroom in order to serve their students, colleagues, and schools in a leadership capacity.
This is a cutting-edge certificate, developed collaboratively by the McDonough Leadership Program and the Education Department, for McDonough Scholars who are also pursuing the Education major at Marietta College.

TLC students present their posters to faculty, students, and guests from the Marietta City Schools. This poster presentation is part of the LEAD 210 ("From Teacher to Leader") course - one of the requirements for the Teacher Leadership Certificate.
Click HERE to see the Four-Year Plan for the Teacher Leadership Certificate.
TLC Requirements
All of the following:
Successful Application and Acceptance into the McDonough Leadership Program
Participation in EXCEL Workshop

LEAD 101 (Foundations of Leadership)
LEAD 103 (Organizational Leadership)
LEAD 140 (Leadership Practicum I)
LEAD 210 (From Teacher to Leader)
EDUC 110 (Principles of Education)
EDUC 253 (Diverse Learners)

Service-Learning: 25 hours of approved community service to be completed through LEAD 101 and LEAD 103.

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