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If you have graduated from the McDonough Leadership Program in the past five years, chances are that you would notice a few changes in the McDonough Center today. This section of the Web site is devoted to updating you on what has changed in recent academic years:


2014-2015 Academic Year:

  • Through a collaboration between the Political Science Department and McDonough, the College hosted the inaugural Schwartz Leader-in-Residence Kathleen Reddy-Smith, a retired U.S. Department of State diplomat. Aside from helping teach a class on Middle East Politics, she took a group of students to Washington, D.C., as part of the project's culminating experience.
  • Dr. Tanya Judd-Pucella, Associate Professor of Education and Leadership receives the prestigious McCoy Award for Teaching Excellence.
  • McDonough gives two Mister Mac Awards -- Jim Luce, founder and C.E.O. of the James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation; and Brian Moynihan, C.E.O. of Bank of America.
  • McDonough establishes the Leadership Experiential Education Fund (LEEF), which will give students grants in support of internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, conference participation, and service projects.


2013-2014 Academic Year:

  • Dr. Alexandra Perry joins the McDonough Center as the second full-time professor of leadership studies.
  • The Curriculum Committee approves the Engineering Leadership Certificate (ELC) -- the fifth track in the McDonough Leadership Program.
  • Maribeth Saleem-Tanner joins the McDonough Center as its newest Director of Civic Engagement.

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2009-2010 Academic Year:

  • Amanda Dever joins the McDonough Center as the 2009-2010 AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) for Marietta College. Focus: Anti-poverty initiatives.
  • Dr. McManus is granted tenure and promotion to associate professor.
  • The McDonough Center hosts its fifth Executive-in-Residence, Mr. Tim Cooper, Former Owner, Smoky Mountain Trains LLC. Focus of the EIR Project: Co-teaching with Prof. Ed Osborne of LEAD 307 (Leadership Dialogues), with an emphasis on Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
  • McDonough issues report (“An Analysis of Nonprofit Capacity Building in the Mid-Ohio Valley”) based on study funded by a Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund grant.


2008-2009 Academic Year:

  • The McDonough Center hosts its fourth Executive-in-Residence, Mr. Kevin Henning, Senior Vice President of Supply and Transportation (Retired) Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC. Focus of the EIR Project: The Future of Energy Report.
  • Dr. McManus accepts tenure-track position at McDonough following a national search.
  • McDonough launches new Teacher Leadership Certificate (TLC), particularly designed for students pursuing the Education major.
  • McDonough receives grant from The Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund to conduct a major study of nonprofit capacity building in the region.
  • McDonough launches Mentorship Program in collaboration with the College’s Career Center.
  • McDonough launches Visiting Executive Program.


2007-2008 Academic Year:

  • The McDonough Center celebrates its 20th Anniversary.
  • The McDonough Center hosts its third Executive-in-Residence, Ms. Barbara A. Fitzgerald, retired Senior Vice President of Store Operations for PetSmart. Focus of EIR Project: Customer Service.
  • Dr. Robert McManus joins the McDonough Center as a teaching fellow in the summer of 2007 as part of a one-year assignment.
  • Dr. Huck accepts position at Berea College in Kentucky.
  • Renee Steffen joins the McDonough Center as the 2007-2008 AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) for Marietta College. Focus: Anti-poverty initiatives.
  • The Leadership Orientation renamed as the EXCEL (Experience Civic Engagement and Leadership) Workshop.

2006-2007 Academic Year:

  • The McDonough Center hosts its second Executive-in-Residence, Mr. Robert E. Peterson, president and managing director of Wickaboag Consulting Group, Inc. Focus of EIR Project: Developing a Communication Plan for Local Businesses.
  • Marietta College is voted one of the top 10 Make a Difference Day projects in Ohio for 2006.
  • Tanya Judd Pucella joins the McDonough Center as the Director of Civic Engagement. Tanya also teaches some of the core courses within the Program.
  • Christy Hockenberry joins the McDonough Center as the Administrative Coordinator and Building Manager.

2005-2006 Academic Year:

  • The Kodolanyi Group (from Hungary) visits the Center.
  • The McDonough Center facilitates a meeting for the Internal Leadership Association: Latin America Chapter in Amsterdam.
  • Students from the Center travel to New Orleans to help with the Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts.

2004-2005 Academic Year:

  • Prof. Bruce Hurley hired as the director of experiential education with half-time teaching responsibilities. The position is later renamed Director of Civic Engagement.
  • The McDonough Center hosts its first Executive-in-Residence, Mr. Henry Jelinek, Jr., president and CEO of Jelinek Cork Group, based in Canada. Focus of the EIR Project: Co-teaching with Dean Perruci LEAD 307 (Leadership Dialogues), with an emphasis on International Business Leadership.
  • Steve and Barbara Blume move to Cape Cod, Mass.

2003-2004 Academic Year:

  • Dr. Steve Schwartz steps down as Dean of the McDonough Center and takes a Senior Visiting Fellow position at the Policy Center on the First Year of College in North Carolina. Dr. Gama Perruci replaces him as Dean of the Center.
  • The first two students declare the new ILS major (Megan Pinney and Jazmyn Barrow).
  • Ms. Mary Shannon hired for a one-year appointment as coordinator of experiential education.
  • Two Leadership Practicum courses (LEAD 140 and LEAD 240) added to the curriculum; LEAD 301 renamed and renumbered - LEAD 340 (Leadership Practicum III).

2002-2003 Academic Year:

  • Faculty votes to approve the new major in International Leadership Studies (ILS).
  • New curriculum adopted which renames, reorders and renumbers some of the core courses: 101 (Foundations of Leadership); 103 (Organizational Leadership); 201 (Theories and Models of Leadership); and 203 (Global Leadership).
  • Dr. Sandra Kolankiewicz steps down as director of experiential education. She accepts a position as the College's Director of the Gender Studies Program.

2001-2002 Academic Year:

  • First LEAD 350 (Leadership Study Abroad) offered in May of 2002. The group goes to Hungary for two weeks.
  • Dr. Gama Perruci, associate professor of leadership studies, named director of academic program at the Center.

2000-2001 Academic Year:

  • Prof. Steve Blume retired as Assistant Dean of the McDonough Center and professor of English.
  • Dr. Daniel Huck hired as full-time assistant professor of leadership studies.

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