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The Minor in Leadership Studies

The Leadership Studies Minor is designed to be a "value-added" experience to any major at Marietta College. Students are encouraged to combine their professional interests with their personal leadership development goals. The minor requires students to have a hands-on experience before they graduate. Students are expected to tailor the experiential education component (internship, study-abroad, service project) to fit their career plans. A political science major, for instance, may spend a semester in Washington, D.C., as part of his/her major and leadership minor requirements. A management major might choose to intern at a multinational corporation in order to gain experience in managing complex organizations. A Spanish major planning to attend graduate school might want to spend a semester in Latin America as part of a study-abroad experience. A leadership faculty will work with you to build an experience that will enhance your leadership skills, while at the same time addressing your career plans.
Click HERE to see the Four-Year Plan for the Minor in Leadership Studies.
Minor Requirements
Successful Application and Acceptance into the McDonough Leadership Program
Participation in EXCEL Workshop
All 8 of the following:
LEAD 101 (Foundations of Leadership)
LEAD 103 (Organizational Leadership)
LEAD 140 (Leadership Practicum I)
LEAD 201 (Theories and Models of Leadership)
LEAD 203 (Global Leadership)
LEAD 240 (Leadership Practicum II)
Two Leadership Electives (see Course Catalog)
ONE of the following Experiential Education Components: Internship, Study Abroad, or Service Project (approved by the Director of Civic Engagement). Study abroad is defined as an extensive summer, semester or year-long experience approved by the College's Office of Education Abroad.
Service-Learning: 100 hours of approved community service.

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