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Major in International Leadership Studies (ILS)

The International Leadership Studies (ILS) major offers the students an opportunity to study global leadership issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. This major is designed to prepare students for a variety of career paths, including global business, nonprofit organizations, foreign service, diplomacy, the law, and public service.

The ILS major focuses on three key regions – Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Students choose one of these areas and work on gaining appropriate language skills and knowledge of that region's culture, history, and politics. The curriculum is flexible enough that allows ILS students to double-major in another field of study (e.g., International Business Management, Political Science, Communication). This combination allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the culture, history and economic challenges of a specific region, while planning to pursue a career in a specific professional area. Most ILS majors at McDonough have a second major.

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ILS Requirements

Fifty-six hours (Track 1) or forty-four hours (Track 2) from the following categories: leadership, liberal arts, foreign language, and area studies. In addition, the major requires an international experience before graduation. This international experience can be fulfilled through study abroad (semester or year-long experience), summer internship abroad, or summer international service, such as a community service project abroad.


Successful Application and Acceptance into the McDonough Leadership Program
Participation in EXCEL Workshop

Leadership Component: (20 hours)

All 7 of the following:
LEAD 101 (Foundations of Leadership) or LEAD 111 (Foundations of American Leadership)
LEAD 103 (Organizational Leadership)
LEAD 140 (Leadership Practicum I)
LEAD 201 (Theories and Models of Leadership)
LEAD 240 (Leadership Practicum II)
LEAD 203 (Global Leadership) or LEAD 112 (Leadership in Global Contexts)
LEAD 403 (Senior Seminar in Global Leadership)

One of the following:
COMM 301 (Group Discussion and Leadership)
COMM 385 (Intercultural Communication)
LEAD 225 (Business in Global Contexts)
LEAD 325 (Leadership in the Emerging Nation)
LEAD 350 (Leadership Study Abroad)
POLS 330 (Comparative Leadership Studies)

Liberal Arts Component: (12 hours)

Both of the following:
HIST 121 (History of World Civilizations: 1815 to Present)
POLS 130 (Issues in International Politics)

One of the following:
POLS 120 (Introduction to Comparative Politics)
POLS 207 (American Foreign Policy)
HIST 302 (Leadership and Change: Studies in Historical Biography)
POLS 340 (International Political Economy)

One of the following:
ARTH 361 (Survey of Art History I)
ENGL 205 (The Literary Cultures of Post-Colonialism)
MUSC 331 (Music History II)
REL 332 (Sociology of Religion)

Foreign Language Component:

Track 1:* (15 hours)
All 5 of the following in Chinese, French, or Spanish:
LANG 101
LANG 102
LANG 201
LANG 202
LANG 301

* Track 1 is designed for students for whom English is their first language. Placement in language courses generally follows the rule that a student with one to two years of a particular language in high school can appropriately enroll in the 101, 102 courses. Students with three to four years should enroll in the 201, 202 courses. Further placement techniques may be used to determine the best level of study. Depending on the student's level of proficiency, the Department of Modern Languages may waive one or more courses in Chinese, French, or Spanish.

Track 2:** (3 hours)
One of the following:
COMM 420 (Business Communication Seminar)
ENGL 406 (Writing for the Professions)

** Track 2 is available to students for whom English is not their native tongue. Students wishing to follow Track 2 must obtain written permission of both the chair of the Department of Modern Languages and the Dean of the McDonough Center.

Area Study Component: (9 hours)

Any 3 from one of the following areas (Asia, Europe, or Latin America):

ASN 361 (East Asian Literature I)
ASN 362 (East Asian Literature II)
CHIN 130 (Perspectives on Chinese Culture)
CHIN 370 (East Asian Cultures through Film)
HIST 359 (East Asian History to 1850)
HIST 360 (East Asian History from 1800)
POLS 226 (Introduction to Contemporary China)
POLS 329 (Survey of Contemporary Asian Societies)

FREN 130 (French Culture and Civilization: Historical Perspective)
FREN 131 (French Culture and Civilization: Cross-cultural Perspective)
FREN 310 (Business French)
FREN 330 (French Civilization I)
FREN 331 (French Civilization II)
FREN 360 (Topics in French and Francophone Literature)
HIST 253 (History of Britain 1714-the Present)
HIST 329 (European Feminism and European Tradition)
HIST 330 (A History of the Scottish People)
HIST 349 (Twentieth Century Europe)
HIST 354 (Age of Nationalism)
POLS 203 (Governments of Western Europe)
POLS 327 (Governments of Russia and Eastern Europe)
SPAN 330 (Spanish Civilization)
SPAN 350 (Highlights of Spanish Literature)
SPAN 360 (Topics in Spanish and Hispanic Literature)

Latin America:
HIST 327 (Survey of Latin American History)
LEAD 260 (Great Leaders in Latin American Politics)
SPAN 232 (Latinos in the United States)
SPAN 331 (Spanish-American Civilization)
SPAN 332 (Latinos en Estados Unidos)
SPAN 351 (Panorama of Latin American Literature)

International Experiencial Education Component: Completion of one of the following international experiences: study abroad (semester or year-long experience approved by the College's Office of Study Abroad), internship abroad, or international service project.

Service Component: 125 hours of approved community service hours.

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