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The Fitzgerald Executive-in-Residence Program

The Executive-in-Residence Program
The main purpose of this program is to allow a senior executive from a major business enterprise to spend a meaningful period of time on campus interacting with students and faculty. The Executive-in-Residence (EIR) shares his/her own perspective on leadership – drawn from his/her experience in the business world. In turn, students and faculty have an opportunity to gain their own insights through their interaction with the EIR. This reciprocal relationship is the hallmark of this program.

While the McDonough Center hosts many campus speakers throughout the academic year, the EIR is expected to go beyond a one-time campus presentation. However, the residence arrangement is flexible. It can range from several visits during a semester to a longer stay on campus (e.g., a full week, two weeks, a month). While on campus, the EIR can make presentations to different groups (e.g., classes, campus, community organizations), or even team-teach a class. The EIR also will have an opportunity to mentor leadership students interested in his/her main business area. The program's flexibility allows the Executive-in-Residence to make a commitment based on his/her time requirements. All of the details will be arranged prior to the residence.
The 2016-2017 Fitzgerald Executive-in-Residence:
Pat Willis, Founding Executive Director (Retired),Voices for Georgia’s Children (Atlanta, Georgia)
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