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Clubs and Organizations

Alpha Tau Omega is a national men’s social fraternity that seeks to cultivate the elements of success and utilize those elements to create a positive and rewarding future for today’s men.  The organization seeks out the values and responsibilities of the modern world and greets them accordingly.

Alpha Xi Delta is a national women’s social sorority.  A true spirit of friendship among all its members is the most significant purpose of Alpha Xi Delta.  The organization also promotes scholarship, community service, campus involvement, and character.

American Advertising Federation (AAF) provides numerous programs to guide students through advertising curriculum and job placement. AAF’s programs including internship opportunities, scholarships, career guides, industry mentors, networking with top agency and corporate recruiters as well as national student advertising competitions.

American Association of Drilling Engineers – Marietta College Student chapter (AADE) is an organization for people interested in the oil and gas industry, where field trips, guest speakers and meetings are used to help educate members on the ever changing drilling side of the business.

The American International Association (AIA) has three main purposes: 1) to increase the positive interactions and understandings between American and International students at Marietta College; 2) to support the Marietta College core value of globalization by exposing students to different cultures; and 3) to have fun!  The American International Association is open to any member of the Marietta College community who wishes to learn new cultures and meet interesting people.  AIA-your bridge to cultural awareness!

Arts and Humanities Council has four purposes: to provide an atmosphere conductive to and supportive of creative and artistic endeavors, to create an on-campus residence community for individuals who share a common respect and interest for the fine arts and the humanities, to offer a variety of programming and social opportunities for the entire campus relating to the arts and humanities, and to promote pre-existing campus organizations in the humanities and arts.

The Association for Computing Machinery has three main purposes.  The association facilitates an increased knowledge of the science, design, development, construction, language, and application of modern computing machinery; fosters an environment for the expression of technical knowledge and exchange; creates discussion of programming principles, data structures, and program organization.

The purpose of the MC Student Athletic Trainer Organization is to gather those interested in the field of sports medicine.  The organization offers services to the College campus, including speakers, volunteer services, and social activities.  

Campus Crusade for Christ and Athletes in Action is an interdenominational Christian organization.  The organization is designed to provide students a spiritual resource and to aid developing college students in their personal lives, evangelism and discipleship.

The Cheerleading Squad is dedicated to promote and maintain enthusiasm and school spirit at Marietta College athletic events. This organization learns to work together, promote teamwork, enthusiasm and professionalism for cheerleading as a whole.

Chemistry Club is an educational and social organization designed to bring together students with an interest in chemistry in order to stimulate the interests of the student and to reinforce the positive aspects of chemistry with the general public.

Chi Omega is a national women’s social fraternity.  Its purposes are friendship, high standards of personnel, sincere learning and credible scholarship, career development, participation in campus activities, and community service.

Circle K is a collegiate service club sponsored by Kiwanis International.  The club seeks to strengthen citizenship and leadership skills through service to the campus and community.  Any enrolled student may become a member. 

Colleges Against Cancer comes together to raise awareness about cancer on the College campus. We hold Relay for Life every year to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

College Democrats is an affiliate of the Ohio Young Democrats of America, the Young Democrats of America, the Ohio Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee.  The members encourage an interest in governmental affairs at all levels through campaign work, discussion and debate, voter registration programs and leadership within the college and community.

College Republicans exists to promote Republican ideas and principles on the Marietta College campus, to assist local and state branches of the party, and to provide a forum where students of like political ideals can work together at strengthening the Republican Party.

Pioneer Activities Council (PAC) works to provide social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs for the Marietta College campus community. PAC is open to all students who have an interest in planning and implementing such programs. Movies, comedians, dances, coffeehouse performers, travel, and lectures are all programs sponsored by the Board. In addition, the Pioneer Activities Council plans major weekend programs such as Homecoming, Family Weekend, Little Sibs Weekend and Doo Dah Day.  PAC also programs extensively in the “Gathering Place,” an alternative student center.

Collegiate Music Educators National Conference is a pre-professional organization for all Music Education majors at Marietta College.  Membership is required during all semesters enrolled in music education at Marietta College.  The purpose of this organization is the development of organization, musical and leadership skills with these future educators.  Service and professional projects are undertaken each semester.

Concert Choir is a select voice chorus requiring an informal audition. It is the primary touring vocal ensemble of Marietta College. The choir has performed throughout the United States in other countries.

Dance Team is a club-sport team.  Dance Team provides entertainment at football and basketball halftime events.  A dance camp is held each year for area dancers.

Delta Tau Delta, an international fraternity, is a social body with a strong emphasis on academics and strengthening of community. Delts seek to enhance their college experiences through various brotherhood, academic, and philanthropic activities.  All initiated members must maintain good academic standing within the College.

Essence Steppers provides a cultural and creative outlet for all who are interested in the art of Stepping.

The Marietta College Forensics Team welcomes all students to participate in individual speech events and debate.  The forensics team hosts the Ruth A Wilcox Forensics Tournament each fall and travels to other competitions throughout the year. 

Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society is the premier organization committed to the academic success of our members and alignment with the academic missions of our host institutions.  Students are eligible for membership based on grade point average and membership in a Greek Fraternity or sorority.  Members of the fraternity and sorority community who meet certain criteria are invited to become a member each semester. 

The Geological Society of Marietta College undertakes to increase the knowledge of geology. Membership in the club is open to all students, faculty, and townspeople interested in geology

Greek Council is the governing body of all Greek letter organizations on campus. Membership is comprised of the presidents from each of Marietta’s Greek chapters. The Council sponsors many activities and guest speakers. Greek Week is one of the traditional and major programs sponsored by Greek Council.

The Charles Sumner Harrison Organization’s main purpose is to bring more unity between the minority students at Marietta College, as well as to bridge the gap between the minority students and other students and faculty.  The organization hosts many events, such as cookouts, talent shows, monthly outings, etc. to try and help the minority students adjust and feel more comfortable during their years at MC.  The organization will also represent the minority voice and advocate in a positive manner for any changes that are needed within the College.

The Honors House promotes academic excellence at Marietta College. This is accomplished by establishing a reasonable study environment and demonstrating leadership, volunteerism and providing tutoring service on campus.

Ice Hockey Club is for students that enjoys the sport of Ice hockey. We meet to learn about the sport. We travel to see games and if enough members, to create a team to play against others.

The Interfraternity Council aids in the growth and development of each fraternity, maintains good relations with the College and Marietta community, sustains an atmosphere of good will and harmony under which each fraternity may effectively function, and provides a medium of communication and cooperation between each group. 

The vision of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is to build collegiate fellowships, develop disciples who embody biblical values, and engage the campus in all its ethnic diversity with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship is geared to train and support Christian students.  This is accomplished through other students and a trained professional staff.  Through Bible studies, large and small group meetings, and social events, Intervarsity’s goal as an evangelistic fellowship is to make known to the campus the love of Christ.  Any student, faculty, or staff member is welcome to attend. 

The main purpose of the Japanese Animation Club is to bring people together to learn and enjoy Japanese culture through its animation.

Jazz Ensemble offers student on the Marietta College campus and members of the Marietta Community an opportunity to continue the development of their instrumental skills while attending college. Membership represents all majors on the campus and members of the community as well.

Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity creates a family relationship among its members.  Its mission is to bring together a group of young men who will be congenial, loyal, and helpful to one another.  Lambda Chi Alpha recognizes that during their college years a student’s first priority must be his scholastics.  Members also support their local communities through community service and philanthropic efforts. 

The Marcolian is the student newspaper of Marietta College. Marietta College students are provided the opportunity to participate in all facets of the newspaper’s publication (editing, news writing, photography, selling of advertisements and page design).The Marcolian serve to inform, entertain and provide opinion to the college community.

The Marietta College Math Club (MC)2 provides opportunities which foster interest among members in mathematics through attending regional meetings and competitions.

The MC Model United Nations Club is a student organization devoted to learning about international politics by preparing for and participating in inter-collegiate simulations, where students role-play delegates from different countries in committees of the United Nations.  At the simulations, students try to pass resolutions that address international problems in a way favorable to the representative country’s interest. 

National Broadcasting Society is an organization created for students and professors pursuing a career within the electronic media field.  NBS is also organized to help students make the transition from college to the professional media world.

The Newman Community is a student organization that is centered on God.  Activities are based on service, education, worship, and fellowship.  Newman is a primarily catholic organization yet members of any faith are welcome.

Omicron Chi Theta is a local  women’s social sorority.  It is a sisterhood supporting academic achievement, integrity, leadership, and community service.  The club participates in various community service projects and holds several social events (dinners, retreats, etc.) each semester.  The members strive to uphold their motto, “Together we are more than we are alone.”

Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for members of Greek organizations.  The Order of Omega recognizes juniors and seniors who have exemplified high standards in the areas of scholarship, leadership, involvement within their respective organization and within the Greek, campus, and local community.  Members of the fraternity and sorority community who meet certain criteria receive an invitation to apply for membership, which is conferred to a small group of individuals each semester.

Panhellenic Council is the governing body of all three sororities. To be a member of the council, students must be a Greek woman who is elected to the council by her chapter. The Panhellenic Council is in charge of recruitment and participates in Greek Week. 

The Marietta College Physician Assistant Student Society’s purpose is to serve southeastern Ohio by raising awareness and by providing information and services regarding medical issues on a local, state, and national level.

PR Club operates as a consulting agency and provides public relations services to various departments on campus and in the community as well. This year the PR Club has affiliated with the Public Relations Student Society of America and will be experiencing an organizational name change to PRSSA.

The Psychology Club is a group of students and staff joined together to promote the advancement of psychology as a field of study.  As a club, money is raised for various charities and to fund the organization’s annual trip to SEPA.  Throughout the year, meetings are held to plan activities and discuss issues relevant to the field of psychology.

The Quidditch Team strives to bring students of a diverse background together to play this sport and represent the college in the International Quidditch Association. In addition the team attempts to exemplify leadership on the field.

The Marietta College Rainbow Alliance seeks to educate the campus and Marietta community on gay issues, gay politics, and gay culture while also promoting a safe environment for gay and lesbian students on the Marietta College campus.

Rotaract clubs are part of a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world. In the club, we focus on developing professional and leadership skills as well as serving the local community.

Marietta College Second Amendment Club was created in 2010 with the purpose to promote and inform on the First and Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. The club will sponsor firearm safety and self defense classes. It will bring in pro-Second Amendment speakers. The club will discuss and debate politics dealing with the Bill of Rights.

Marietta College Service Advisory Board develops Marietta College to be a more civically engaged, action oriented campus by providing an avenue whereby student organizations, teams, and individuals can collaborate on new and existing projects which benefit the local community and/or campus.  The Service Advisory Board serves to be a catalyst for positive change in any area of service or social justice the student body deems important.

Sigma Kappa is a social organization of collegiate and alumnae women committed to promoting the ideals of life-long friendship, intellectual, and spiritual fulfillment and service to the greater good.  The Beta Theta chapter builds sisterhood through community involvement and additionally holds two retreats and two formals each year.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Inc. is an international technical/professional organization dedicated to the advancement of technology associated with the recovery of energy resources from the earth. It is one of the largest technical/professional associations in the world with more than 53,000 members residing on 6 continents in more than 90 countries. Through a vast array of SPE programs, ranging from publications to international and regional conferences to section meetings, new technical information and technology is exchanged among Society members and other industry professionals.

The Society of Physics Students promotes the interest in and exposure to physics on campus.

The Student Alumni Council (SAC) is an organization for the purpose of connecting alumni and students.  It is designed to introduce current students of the college to the alumni association and what it does.  Students participate in alumni events, mentoring programs, company visits, alumni speakers, etc. in order to help students benefit from “The Long Blue Line.”  SAC works to build future MCAA leaders and to promote pride and loyalty in Marietta College that continues beyond graduation.  SAC is a partner of the Alumni Relations Office and the Career Center.

The purpose of the Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC) is to encourage unity, common purpose, and camaraderie between teams and among all athletes. Promote the publicity and recognition received by our student-athletes. Evaluate the MC athletic program and make recommendations to the administration for the improvement of the student-athlete’s academic, athletic, and social experiences. Promote and support athletics at institutional, conference, and national levels, which would include the review of proposed legislation at various levels. Serve as a vehicle through which the College may discuss with student-athletes issues regarding the management, operation, and rules that govern the Athletic Department and its sports teams.

Students for Environmental Awareness inspires students and faculty to take personal responsibility and political action, to fundamentally change understanding of our environment and our interactions with it, and to provide a public forum for discussing environmental issues.

Student National Association of Teachers of Singing promotes and collaborates on the education of young singers and brings classical vocal music to the Marietta College campus and the Marietta community.

The purpose of the Student Senate of Marietta College is to provide capable, representative, and responsible leadership in student-life and activities, and to provide a legitimate channel through which the views of the student body may be represented to the other segments of the College community.

Symphonic Band offers students on the Marietta College campus an opportunity to continue the development of their instrumental musical skills while attending college. Members represent all majors on the campus and members of the community as well.

Up ‘til Dawn is a student-led, student-run fundraising program hosted by colleges and universities nationwide.  Up ‘til Dawn unites students, faculty and the surrounding community in an effort to support the life-saving treatment and research of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Ultimate Frisbee brings students together to play ultimate Frisbee in an environment in which great sportsmanship would be exemplified to the point of never needing a referee.

The Vine exists on campus to serve students who seek to build a relationship with others and strengthen their faith in Christ.  The Vine has a laid back atmosphere and is driven by discussions about Biblical issues in their context and their application to students’ lives.  The group currently meets once a week for large group discussion, has optional small groups, and hold group events and social activities periodically.  Everyone is welcome to join.

WCMO Channel 15 aims to create a realistic and challenging learning environment thereby heightening the educational laboratory experience of its students.

Women’s Choir is open to all students and performs a variety of musical styles suitable for female voices and occasionally tours in conjunction with the Concert Choir. No audition is required.

Women’s Lacrosse serves the purpose of creating the organized club sport of lacrosse on campus. This club will serve as a place of learning for women interested in participating that have never played lacrosse before.

Writings on the Mall is the student run Marietta College blog. The organization promotes, covers and improves student media by the use of blogs and other social media.

98.5 WCMO FM is the student radio station of Marietta College. The station broadcast area includes the entire city of Marietta as well as Devola and Vienna, West Virginia. Shows on WCMO are entirely produced by students. Productions range from music and talk shows, to broadcasts of Marietta Varsity Sports.