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Event Advertising

It is the policy of Marietta College to allow as much space as possible to recognized College organizations for the purpose of publicizing their events and activities.

The College also reserves the right to discard any publications from outside businesses that are not approved by the Office of Student Life. Also, please note that while the following guidelines are for the entire campus, adherence to individual building's policies is also required.


Types of Advertising and Announcements

1. Posters may be affixed to bulletin boards. Posters placed on bulletin boards may not exceed 11" x 17" in size.

2. Handbills and Leaflets may not be distributed on College property without the expressed permission of the Dean of Students.

3. Banners maybe placed on the rail in front of the Gilman Student Center.

4. Chalk on the sidewalks.


Approval by Student Life Office

Any advertisement of questionable content may be brought to the Office of Student Life in Andrews Hall for approval. Items will then be stamped if approved. However, general advertisements do not need the approval stamp.

A. A recognized College organization whose name appears on the materials must sponsor the materials.

B. Distribution must be limited to the areas set aside for advertising purposes.

C. At no time are materials to be taped, glued, tacked, or otherwise affixed to doors, walls, windows, or other building surfaces not specifically designated for such purposes. This also includes sidewalks, stairs and trash cans.

D. Posters and signs must be no larger than 11" x 17" in size so that several groups may use the posting areas at the same time.

E. Materials must be removed within five business days (this does not include Saturday and Sunday) of said event or activity.

F. Although alcohol may be served at an event, advertisements containing references to alcohol will not be approved.

G. Office of Student Life reserves the right to deny approval for any advertisements on the basis of good taste and previous adherence to advertising guidelines.

H. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis with the approval of the Dean of Students.



Banner publicity is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The banner area may be reserved for periods of 48 hours. Banners are also subject to approval. Rope may be used to attach banners to the Gilman Student Center railing, however, use of duct tape, etc. will result in fines and damage repair. Organizations are responsible for the removal of their banner after the 48 hour display period.

Please Note: A reservation with the Office of Student Life will be required to hang a banner. To reserve banner space on the Gilman Student Center railing submit your reservation using the campus facility reservation form.


Chalking the Mall

Chalking on campus is limited to flat ground where rain can wash the chalk away and not on building or under awnings. Chalk must be non-toxic sidewalk chalk. Paint is not acceptable and will result in fines and damage charges being assessed to the individual or group.


Painting the Rock

Painting the rock is limited to the rock only. The painting of trees, grass, building, trash cans, etc. will subject the offending organization to fines and damage charges.

Also, a 24 hour "courtesy" rule is asked to be followed (allow another organization to advertise for a least 24 hours before repainting).


Distribution and Charges

Distribution of materials in violation of the above policies may result in removal of materials plus charges to the individual and/or organization involved of costs of cleaning up debris. Violations may cause an organization to lose advertising privileges and/or be subject to fines.